Trump has won Arizona, giving him the final votes he needed to win the US Presidential election 2016.

Update: 7:25am

It has been announced that Maine has reached a split vote, the only state apart from Nebraska to do so.

Trump has been announced to have won Alaska’s three votes, and the republican is hoping for key state Pennsylvania’s twenty votes

Update: Trump wins Florida

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4:35: Trump has also been confirmed to have won Iowa, another of the swing states.

4:32am: It’s the result we’ve all been waiting for- Florida was the biggest swing state in this election, with 29 electoral votes up for grabs. After hours of waiting and deliberation, it has been confirmed that they have voted for Donald Trump, putting him ahead of the democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, by twenty votes.

Trump’s Policies; More Than Just a Wall

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Trump’s policies have proved to be controversial and his most famous is building a wall along the Mexican border. However, his policies regarding healthcare and crime are often swamped by the more controversial ideas.



A large amount of Trump’s policies relating to healthcare are directly aimed at war veterans, especially the VA, which is a government run benefit system for war veterans in the USA. Such policies include Appoint a VA secretary with a sole purpose to serve veterans, ending fraud and abuse at the VA and firing “corrupt and incompetent” VA executives.

Trump claims that he will increase the funding for PTSD, traumatic brain injury and suicide prevention services which will have a high emphasis on veterans. As stated on he wants to “Ensure our veterans get the care they need wherever and whenever they need it.” Trump also wants to scrap Obamacare and replace it with the Health Savings Accounts.



Trump has 6 policies relating to crime, 3 relating to drugs and 3 over the right to bear arms, he aims to allow states to legalize marijuana if they chose to do so in an attempt to make drugs safer by taking them out of the hands of gangs and untrusted dealers. In an attempt to make this happen, Trump wants to bring back and expand on programs like Project Exile, which targeted felons caught carrying firearms. The consequences were harsher sentences, no option of bail, and no potential for early release.









Results Update: 4am

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4:20am: Trump has been confirmed to have won swing state, Utah, with six more electoral votes.

4:00am: In the latest set of announcements, Clinton has taken Washington, Hawaii, Oregon, and California,while Trump has taken North Carolina. This puts Clinton in the lead for now, but with many people speculating that Trump is likely to win Florida, that could all change.

We will keep you updated as more comes in.

What’s Twitter Saying?

So, as the race for presidency unfolds, so have the opinions of the world on twitter. It’s a close call with opinions that are just as close cut as the battle thats coming to a close.