Liveblog: Clinton vs Trump

08:05: “I love this country”. Really Donald? You love the country you refuse to pay tax for…

08:00: Donald Trump’s very tired son taking all the plaudits here. Lad is a trooper, holding back those yawns!

07:50: Trump calls for all Americans to get behind him. Hmm..

07:45: Trump wins Arizona which confirms it. Donald J Trump. President. Let that sink in

07:43: TRUMP WINS! Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States

07:40: Wisconsin goes to Trump…

07:34: Trump is preparing his victory speech. I repeat, TRUMP IS PREPARING HIS VICTORY SPEECH…!!

07:15: Split vote in Maine. This looks an up-HILL battle for Clinton now

07:05: “She is not done yet” is the official word from the Clinton camp. A late twist in the tale?

07:03: With Britain practically sticking a middle finger up to Trump, where does this now leave us and our relationship with the US post-Brexit?

06:42: Trump wins Alaska. Bet America regret buying that icy wasteland from Russia now..

06:23: Nothing much happening at the moment, still waiting for the last few states to confirm what we’ve suspected for a while now.

05:59: Hillary Clinton’s grandmother was from Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales. That’ll be a question on Pointless one day…

05:57: Trump will become the oldest person elected to the Oval Office, if he does go on to win this

05:52: Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan are the key states yet to confirm their votes. Clinton could still win this, but the Trump party has already begun. Trump has grabbed the Presidency by the looks of things. This certainly is a “Brexit plus plus plus”

05:48: What next for Hillary Clinton? Would Bernie Sanders have stopped Trump winning?

05:40: Looks like it’s all over here. Did anyone honestly see this coming?

05:26: Clinton wins Nevada. 6 votes heading her way. Too little too late?

05:25: Safe to say that Gary Johnson or Jill Stein are unlikely to become President this time around

05:22: Pennsylvania is currently looking like it could be won by Trump. The big night has become a nightmare for Clinton..

05:16: Canada’s immigration website has crashed. Donald Trump is set to become President. Coincidence?

05:12: Michigan is worth 16 votes and Arizona 11. Trump wins those two and it’s lights our for Hillary Clinton

05:12: Trump leads Clinton by 244 to 209. Trump needs 26 more votes to slide into the Oval Office. With Michigan and Arizona yet to announce their results, it would take something special from Clinton now

05:05: The Mexican Peso has fallen to a record low against the US Dollar. Trump related?..

04:54: Nebraska vote is split. If the overall vote ends in a tie, can Britain reclaim America?

04:44: Kanye for President in 2020 anyone?

04:40: Trump wins Georgia. The unthinkable is actually happening isn’t it?

04:34: Trump wins another swing state in Iowa. 6 more votes and a Trump Presidency is looking ever more likely

04:30: Trump wins Wisconsin. 10 votes added to Trump’s tally. We’re magic 270 is in sight

04:14: Clinton continues her momentum with victory in Oregon. Trump keeps himself in with a chance with Utah victory. Utah, as a swing state, is a big win for Trump and continues his good showing in the swing states.

04:05: Washington opts for Clinton. It was expected, but it gives Clinton the advantage

04:01: Clinton replies instantly with California and Hawaii. 55 and 4 votes gives Clinton the lead again

04:00: TRUMP WINS FLORIDA! Unbelievable scenes as the Republican candidate follows up his Ohio victory with another large victory. 29 votes for Trump

03:47: Trump wins North Carolina, according to Fox News

03:45: Georgia, which was expected to announce its results earlier on, is still keeping us waiting

03:39: Florida is 95% of the way through. Not long to go; Can Trump further cement his lead, or will Clinton fight back? Several large states expected to vote Democrat, including California, are still to announce their results

03:32: Clinton pulls two back! Colorado and Virginia both opt for Clinton

03:20: TRUMP WINS OHIO! Trump has snatched one of the swing states from his rival, and his credentials are greatly improved. Is this the defining moment?

03:08: Another win for Trump; this time it’s Missouri

03:03: Interesting stat; no Republican candidate has ever been elected without winning Ohio… Watch this space!

03:00: Donald Trump wins Montana. Hillary Clinton wins Virginia. As predicted, this election is shaping up to be pretty tight

02:45: Hillary Clinton wins New Mexico. Mexico is so good they named it twice. Trump may disagree

02:40: Trump wins Louisiana. The South is looking pretty red, as expected

02:26: Trump is projected to win in Ohio. Big win for Trump if he pulls this one off!

02:13: Clinton has just won Conneticutt

02:08: Clinton has won New York. That’s 29 votes heading her way! The magic number is 270!

02:03: More wins for Trump, this time in the shape of North Dakota, and rather unsurprisingly Texas

02:01: Trump wins Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas

01:32: Wins in Indiana, Kentucky and Arkansas for Trump.

01:12: Marco Rubio, who unsuccessfully challenged Donald Trump for the Republican nomination, has been re-elected to the Senate

01:08: Hillary Clinton now ahead overall

01:06: Results galore! Trump wins Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Alabama. Clinton wins New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland and Washington DC. Clinton has also won the state she grew up in; Illinois

00:56: South Carolina gives nine electoral votes to.. Donald Trump. Neuf points pour Trump. The Eurovision gag has run it’s course now hasn’t it? I’ll get my coat…

00:53: So far, Trump is leading. Clinton in second place. Gary Johnson and the Libertarians in third place and Arsenal in fourth..

00:52: Anyone else getting a Brexit vibe from all of this?

00:49: Clinton projected to beat Trump to North Carolina by 48% to 46%. Georgia exit poll predicts Trump to win there. Clinton re-takes the lead in Florida.

00:48: Some slight technical difficulties here, all resolved now! I wonder if Trump will blame a technical difficulty if he loses this election?

00:32: Trump takes the lead in Florida again. This keeps changing hands..just like the Clinton’s trust fund… Oh I went there

00:30: And the results of the West Virginia vote are in! Five electoral votes go to…. Donald Trump! Why is this reminding me of Eurovision?

00:28: Clinton has Florida as it stands. 49.5% to 47.7% to Clinton are the most recent figures

00:26: Neck and neck in Florida at the moment. The lead keeps changing hands at this point. We should have a better indication of which way this is going when these results are announced

00:17: Georgia exit poll sees Trump beat Clinton by 48% to 47%. Trump dominating.

00:08: The results in North Carolina are expected to be delayed by up to an hour. The state is expected to be won by Trump, but who knows, maybe Bernie will win. Anything can happen with these write-in votes. I very much approve

00:02: Trump wins Indiana and Kentucky. Clinton wins Vermont. However, there could be a big surprise as Trump is currently in pole position to win New Hampshire

22:58: Polls are set to close in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina, Vermont and Virginia at midnight. Fully expect Trump to take a big lead here

23:49: A Sky News poll reveals that 59% of voters think that Hillary Clinton is untrustworthy, whereas 65% think the same of Donald Trump. Really? That low?

23:36: Some sad news emerging tonight. One person has died and three injured in the Asuza, California shooting. Polling Station is in lock down

23:35: After 2012 defeat, the Republicans announced their desire to appeal to Latino voters. Along comes Donald Trump in 2016. You couldn’t make it up!

23:27: Reports of a shooting at a polling station in California. Gun laws have been a big talking point in the US lately. Surely this will prompt further discussions regardless of who wins this election?


The first votes are in, and Hillary Clinton has beaten Donald Trump 4-2 in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire. Libertarian Gary Johnson also received one vote. Bizarrely, 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney received a write-in ballot. Oh America..!

Meanwhile, in the town of Hart’s Location, also in New Hampshire, Clinton has beaten Trump 17-14. Libertarian Johnson won three votes. Write-ins Bernie Sanders (Yay!) and John Kasich both received one vote each. I’m not sure about these write-in votes, but if it gets Bernie into the Oval Office then I’ll drink to that!

22:50: Fox News’ exit poll has Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by 3%. If this poll is anything to go by, The United States will have its first ever female President at the 45th time of asking. Hillary Clinton could join Theresa May and Angela Merkel in sparking a new era of women in politics.

22:07: Today is the day nearly 200 million Americans will go to the polls to decide who will replace Barack Obama as their next President. The race for the keys to the White House has been nothing short of a scintillating sparring match between two polarising heavyweights.

Former First Lady and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is representing the Democrats. Determined to make history and become the first female President of the United States, Clinton’s campaign has been marred by accusations of corruption. Her email scandal has divided opinion and put question marks over her credentials for the top job.

However, standing in Clinton’s way is businessman turned Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump. Trump’s campaign, like Clinton’s, has been prominently making the headlines across the globe; for all the wrong reasons. The former host of The Apprentice has been labelled by critics as racist, xenophobic, erratic, and overall, unfit for office. America’s answer to Nigel Farage, it could be argued.

Trump’s supporters however, see him as a beacon of hope; someone to challenge the status quo, tear down political correctness and defeat “Crooked Hillary”.

But whilst this election may simply appear to be a Clinton versus Trump head-to-head, there are two other candidates whose presence on ballot papers may prove pivotal to the outcome of one of the most divisive elections in modern American history.

Gary Johnson, of the Libertarian Party, is aiming to win the support of those traditional Republican voters disillusioned with Trump. Whilst there is almost zero chance of him amassing the number of votes to send himself to the Oval Office, (Particularly after his “What’s Aleppo?” quip), he could be the candidate who paves the way for Clinton to become President.

Also hiding away in this election are the Green Party and their candidate Jill Stein. The Harvard-educated 66-year-old could win the affections of those who supported Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination. Many who ‘felt the Bern’ earlier this year have yet to be convinced by Clinton, despite Sanders himself supporting her cause. If Clinton fails to win over these voters, the odds may swing in Trump’s favour.

The outcome of one of the most important elections in a generation is almost upon us. Brace yourself for what promises to be an enthralling finale to the gripping soap opera that has been the 2016 Presidential Election.